Change to omit decrease in sleeve portion of pattern?

I am currently working on yellowcosmos’s “Good Egg” top down sweater. I have completed the body and am working on the first sleeve.

The pattern calls for a decrease after knitting to 9" from underarm and then an increase after reaching 14" from underarm. Since this indicates a sort of bell shape to the sleeve which I don’t want, I am wondering if I can simply omit that portion and continue knitting until I get to the pattern work. The second question is if I can omit this, can I just increase one row from the 78 sts on my needles now to the 80 required to do the pattern?IMG_0636

If this is the pattern I think you could omit the decreases. It’s up to you IMHO. You already worked the yoke so you’re aware of any change in gauge between the stockinette in one color and the patterning already. I think I might prefer working even on the sleeve also. Choose your own adventure…that’s what knitting’s all about, right?


Grumpy Gramma,
That is indeed the pattern - and I really appreciate the affirmation. I wrote to the designer directly, also and she indicated that the decreases and increases were not bell shaping as I interpreted, but simply the regular sleeve shaping decrease and then increase to accommodate the colorwork- she gave me her blessing to skip the decreases and increases also, which is what I have decided to do. Thank you so much for responding!

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That’s good to know. I think this is a beautiful sweater. I wish I liked circular yokes.

I’m just here admiring the sweater on the table and the gorgeous kitty! Good to see the problem was solved, too!