Change This Pattern

Can anyone tell me how to change this pattern. I would like to knit it so the sleeves are knit on the right side but the body (front and back) are knit in garter stitch. I am using a varigated yarn and I love the look of a textured body but smooth sleeves. (I am doing the collar)

I tried doing it by knitting every row, but my increases for the sleeves are not turning out with the even ragan sleeve lines at the shoulders.

Any ideas, or is this something that can’t be done. Thanks for any suggestions.

Forgot something,

I am knitting the RS rows and doing the increases and on the WS I am knitting except between the sleeve markers, I am purling those stitches.

It looks good except the lines that form for the sleeves, they don’t look right.

How about doing reverse stocking stitch instead of garter stitch? Its the same guage as original but you do get the lumpier type contrast in texture.

Garter st and St st have different row gauges, garter is less, so you may have to do incs on every 3rd row on the body sections instead of every other row.

If this sweater is done in one piece starting with the neck and doing fronts, back and sleeves all at the same time down to the armpits, I don’t know if it will work to use both stockinette and garter stitch. As Sue said the row gauges are quite different and the number of rows you would need to get the body would be totally different than the number you need to get the arm hole section. Will that work? :think: I’m not so sure. That in itself would seem to throw the evenness of the raglan shaping off.

I’m just thinking out loud here (if you can call this out loud ;)), but I wonder if you could do short rows in the sections of garter stitch to catch them up. I’ve done that on a border of an afghan to make the rows more even when the body of the thing was mostly stockinette. :shrug: I have not thought that out far enough to know whether it is a workable solution. This is a lot more complicated application than an afghan border. :lol: Just a thought.

If you are working top down you need increases for your raglans. I am presently making a baby jacket (it’s called) that is all garter and has raglan sleeves, but mine is made in pieces and sewn together. Anyway for the increases it seems to indicate just using kfb (or bar) increase, and they are worked on the RS. But I am not using that increase where I need increases (my increases are to shape the sleeves from cuff up) I am using a simple backward loop increase, one after the first stitch, and before the last stitch of each row. They look fine. I’m just throwing this in in case it might help you know what kind of increase to use. Those 2 work, at least on the sleeves I’m doing in garter.

Good luck. Sometimes a supposedly simple change in a pattern can involve more than we bargained for. Another simple change that might satisfy you and have bumps and smooth would be to do the body part in reverse stockinette instead of garter. Not quite the same, but at least they have the same row gauge. :slight_smile: Let us know what you came up with. Merigold

Thank you everyone for enlighting me. As a beginner I thought why can’t I just switch the knitting around and I guess it is just causing problems.

So I better go back and fog and knit the whole thing like the pattern says. I just wanted a little texture to the body. It is knit in the round, top down so I better just follow the pattern.

Thanks, maybe when I get alittle more knowledgable, I can try something different.:shrug:

You might have more luck with a stockinette-based stitch pattern that still adds a bit of texture? Or even purling every 4th or 7th row or something similar, without affecting gauge too much?

You could do a garter ridge pattern… looking at the RS it’s 3 knit rows and 1 purl row. That way you could do the incs on a knit row.