Change heel color on sock

Hello all. I’ve been knitting socks in one color and would like to graduate to adding color to them. I’m pretty sure on how to change colors for the toe but not so sure about changing color for the heel. I know that I add 2nd color when I divide for the heel. I want to know, when do you go back to the main color? Like, do i change back to the main color while picking up the gusset stitiches, or do i change back to the main color on the first round after i picked up the gusset stitches? Or is there some other way of doing it. If it helps, i pick up an extra stitch the way katautumn does and i pick up my gusset stitches through the front loop only (feels better on my feet) Thanks!

What kind of heel are you doing? A short row heel or a heel flap?

If it’s a short row heel you change when you start the short rows and when you’re done with the short rows you start the main color again.

For a heel flap you could probably do the heel flap and turn the heel with the 2nd color and go back to the main color when you start picking up to join it to the main sock.

Thanks. I’m doing a heel flap. Havent tried short row heels yet seems a little complicated.