Change a purl to a knit (a few rows down)?

Okay, so I’m embarrassed that I made this mistake. To be fair to myself, I was nursing my baby and laying down and knitting all at the same time.

I purled 13 stitches that I should have knitted. And I didn’t notice until I’d worked another whole row on top of it. :wall: Can I get down in there and fix them? Is there a video for this somewhere?

It is pretty easy to correct one stitch, and probably a couple, but 13? While doable definitely, it would be MUCH QUICKER (IMHO) to frog back to the messed up stitches and just do it again.

Your option when you find a purl or knit in the wrong place and you’ve knit a ways beyond it already is to, when you get to that screwed up stitch, let it drop off the needles down to where the mistake was and then, using a crochet hook, weave it back up correctly. There are videos, probably in the advanced tech section?, that discuss/show picking up dropped stitches, which is, in effect, what that stitch would be.

Again, as you have only knit one row over the flipped stitches and there are so many of them, I’d frog back and do over.

Best of luck.

I frogged a few rows and it worked! I was afraid I would mess it all up! :slight_smile:

I’m very glad it worked well for you and you are now back on track with your project. WTG!

For future reference,you can fix them one at a time. It takes a little practice, but it’s less frustrating (to me) than frogging. In the video section, there’s a video on picking up a dropped stitch. Basically, you purposely drop that stitch, run the ladder down to the wrong stitch, then bring it back up again correctly. I’ve gotten to the point that I can do it on the 2 rows below the live stitches with just my knitting needles. Further down, I need a crochet hook.