CH11DC - help Needed please!

I am crocheting a baby cardigan and the instructions tell me…
Dnt at last pattern repeat ch11dc spaced evenly up front of Cardigan around neck and down other side turn
Mark out for 3 buttons
I do not understand???

Welcome to KH!
@OffJumpsJack @Snowfleas would you be able to help?

Hi Andrea661;
Are you sure it says Dnt? I have never heard to that term and could not find it on the internet. Chain eleven double crochets evenly over such an area does not sound like enough stitches, unless it is for a Barbie doll. (4 for each side and 3 for around the neck?). I have a feeling there is something wrong with the pattern. I am hoping that OffJumpsJack can make more sense of it.

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