Certain Post

I don’t post often, but I do come here to read daily.

It appears that there are two maybe three certain “posters” that are just using the boards to spam or post advertisements. If this frustrates me this much, I can only guess how the moderators feel.

On another site that I enjoyed for several years, this type of stuff got so bad that the couple in charge had to abandon the format that they used and redo the entire site. It has not been the same since.

I hope that doesn’t happen here.
Is there not some way to clear/delete/or move these post altogether where we do not have to even navigate through them while trying to read through the boards?

The mods really are good about keeping up on spam posts. It also helps to use the “Report” feature in case the mods may have missed something. Spammers keep trying to get more and more sneaky, I’ve noticed a newer thing is to comment on an old post and have their ad in their signature. If you suspect a spammer, just report the post and if it is indeed spam the post will be removed and I do believe they also usually ban the user.

I have at times reported spam and I do appreciate the hard work the moderators do.

When I come here, the first thing I do is click on new post. This morning there were about 8 all from the same “poster” and very clearly it was not legit. It just hit me the wrong way.

I don’t want this board to be ruined. It already appears that less and less people are routinely posting or even stopping by according to the number count.

There does seem be more of them at night (when we are sleeping) which is probably because most of the bad spammers I encounter are from other countries although we do have some from the US that show up now and then. All you can do is report them to us. When we ban them it removes all the postings as well.

I should also point out that I come in the forum a few times a day at least and I always look for spammers then, too. The lack of members actively posting has more to do with people being busy or moving on to other forums. :confused:

I’m a moderator (under my real name) on a very large, active gardening forum (phpbb type, like this one).

Spam traffic is very heavy in the early morning hours (“early morning” relative to Eastern ==> Pacific time zones in North America). This is because many “professional” spammers work from China, India, Pakistan, and Eastern European countries, whose time zones are in business hours when North American time zones are in after-dinner and sleeping modes. So, if an American or Canadian comes to the boards before a mod has “killed” the spam (whether reported by others or found independently by that mod), yes, there will be loads of it.

But not for long. :twisted:


Yep, most of what I ban is from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and occasionally others. It’s annoying, but a fact of life. :hair: