Cereal box challange

alright, since i am obsessed with reuse and recycling i thought i would see what my fellow kh’ers could come up with. How would/could/do you reuse cereal boxes?
so far i fold them into new usable boxes, and cut out a circle(of sorts) and wrap in tin foil to put cakes on.

what are your ideas?

If you have any small puzzles, you could use the back and front of the box as a backing, and glue the puzzle together. When I was little I would always use left over cardboard boxes and then put the puzzle posters on my wall. Good project for kids.

Do you have a link on how to fold them?

put yarn in them


My cats play in whatever empty boxes I have around… and you haven’t seen everything till you watch fred cram himself into a grape nuts box :teehee:

i have a template from another i got online, but i cant locate that one for some strange reason :confused:

Ha, I was going to post almost the same thing. We use the box front itself as a puzzle though. The kids already know what it looks like so they have an instant puzzle and don’t have that picture to look at. If they get lost (or chewed up by their baby brother) it’s no big deal.


I flatten them the cut them so they are one big piece and use them to make templates for sewing projects.

This is one kind of box my kitties haven’t discovered yet…

I use mine to store my magazines. One box will hold a years worth.:sun:

I give them to my gerbils to chew on :slight_smile:

and store needles in there too?!

Wonder if you could wet them, place them around your plants in the garden to keep weeds away, like wet newspapers?

I saw one cut flat and used as packaging for transporting straight needles - fasten the top and bottom of the tube with the tabs. Worked great!