Central New Jersey knitters?

Hi and Happy New Year,
I’ve been knitting for a long time and live in Central New Jersey. Thought I’d give a shout out to inquire whether there are other knitters in the area?

Thank you!



I’m not sure if I live in “Central” NJ, but I wanted to welcome you both to this site AND knitting in NJ!!! I live in Burlington NJ, which is centrally located between Trenton & Philadelphia, right on the Delaware River.


Thank you for responding. Burlington is a bit south of my area but it’s still nice to know you’re in my state! Do you frequent any particular knitting shops in Burlington? Personally, I do most of my yarn shopping online where there is a wide range of selections. Good luck with your 2015 projects!

Unfortunately, there aren’t any yarn shops in Burlington. Since I work with acrylic, I buy my yarn mostly from Joann Fabrics, Walmart and occasionally from www.knitting-warehouse.com

There is a shop in Mount Holly that is very nice. I stop in there when I need a specific tool/needles that I know Joann’s doesn’t carry.

Thanks for getting back to me,

NJ knitter here!!! PS: there is this place called “Pins and Needles” in Prinston. long drive but well worth it!:woohoo: