Celtic Motifs/ charts/ graphs... whatever!? On the lookout!

Okay, so I’m always adding to my stash of projects to do…so who out there has a favorite celtic chart or graph for intarsia or fair isle!? I want it…so badly. I am in love with celtic stuff!

Please… I am hungry for them…haha :rofling: Oh I make myself laugh. :happydance:

Check out this page. She has charts for some of the designs.

www.doverpublications.com has some inexpensive books with Celtic graphs in them. Alice Starmore’s Celtic book is also nice.

celtic braid afghan

GIGANTIC celtic knot from knitting universe… I think it’s an afghan, too, but knit in 9 different sections. No cables in this one–you can use just knits and purls or colorwork to make the design.

ooh thanks :smiley: I love me some celtic stuff! And that afghan! good lord! Wow.

Here is a whole book of charted Celtic designs - from simple chains/cables to amazingly intricate knots and animorphic designs. The only problems that I have with this book are:
-It’s all in black and white,
-The chart squares are tiny - I usually have to transfer the patterns somehow to a larger graph to follow it accurately, and
-it is just general charts, for all needlework, not specific to knitting.

In spite of those drawbacks, though, I highly recommend getting this books - the sheer volume of charted designs would keep me busy for a loooong time…

~oops :oops: forgot to add the link - here it is:

Celtic Charted Designs
This is one of those interactive books, you can click thru the pages and check it out!