Cell Phone Cozy Help - # of Stitches Question

Here’s the pattern I’m trying to finish up.

I’m at the part of the pattern where I’ve got to make the buttonhole. I understand the instructions about the buttonhole, but then as I worked down to the two rows beneath that, I realized that I don’t have enough stitches (last row says, at the end, 17sts).

Row 1 under Make Buttonhole has me following Row 1 of the pattern, right? If this is the case, then I’m actually shortening the number of stitches. Normally, Row 2 adds those stitches back in, but the next step in the Buttonhole directions has me working Row 4, which has no increases.

Then the next row has me P2tog with psso slipped in there, reducing the number of stitches even more.

Aaackkk! This should be simple. But, this newbie is still learning.

Can y’all help me out? Thanks in advance!


Row 1 under ‘make buttonhole’ actually wants you to start with row 3 of the stitch pattern. You’ll see just before the buttonhole instructions it says to have “Row 3 of pattern facing for next row”, so the last row you work before the buttonhole will be row 2 of the stitch pattern. This should solve your stitch count problems.

Thanks! I had considered this but wasn’t sure. Off I go to rip out three or four rows! Maybe I’ll actually finish this thing today!

Thank you for coming to my rescue again!