Cell phone cover

Hi all

I made a cover for cell phone but didnt suit it perfectly. I am posting the pic here :slight_smile:

It looks really cute for a first try. I love that color.

It looks like you worked in the round for the body, and then sewed it onto the bottom, then added the little top right?

My only suggestion on getting it to fit better would be to have your cell phone handy and keep sizing it while you work. You’ll want a snug fit so your cell phone doesn’t go flying when you reach for it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Riss for ur appreciation. I really had the cell fone and then only i started doing it,still i made a big one!!!
I actually did the front and back pieces separately along with the extension on top in back piece and then made sides, i think i made bigger side pieces!!!. Then a base. Then sewed it together.
I am actually making a cover now with Canvas, hope that comes out well!!!
I will post it once i finish it.
Thanks again for the enthusiasm u r giving me :slight_smile:

cute color- it might also fit a psp or an ipod too- or a pda? I love little bags (and big ones, and ones inbetween).

Nice work!:woohoo:I would use it for a pencil cup holder or a coffee mug if it is big enough. Plastic does make nice phone covers. I had my boys make card holders out of plastics way back and I mean way back, lol lol.