CDD in my first hat?

Ok, I’m starting to shape the top of my first hat. :woohoo: It’s the Blizzard Hat in the Creative Knitting Magazine. The pattern lists a “Special Abbreviation” Central Double Decrease (CDD): Sl next 2 sts as if to k2tog, k1, p2sso.

I understand the terms as: Slip the next two stitches as if to knit two together, then knit one, then pass the two slipped stitches over.

So I pretended like I was gonna k2tog, and slipped the two sts onto my right needle. Then I knit one, and then I passed the two slipped sts back onto the left needle, over that most recent knit stitch.

Was this correct? It doesn’t seem to be decreasing anything. :eyebrow2: I’m starting with 42 sts, and at the end of the row I should have 28.

Btw, the colors I’m using are a gorgeous, dark forest green, and a variegated tan, and the hat is turning out sooooooo pretty and cool. :smiley: (It’s my first hat, I can brag.) :slight_smile:

Yes, if you slip the 2 sts back [I]over the one you knit[/I] you’ll dec 2 sts every time you do this; you don’t slip the sts back on the L needle, over the k1 like you were binding off.

OH genius! I get it! That’s why it wasn’t decreasing any… because I was using those two sts instead of dropping them lol :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!
I’m really excited about this hat… I’ve tried knitting a hat twice before and it’s always a catastrophe. But this one is SO pretty!! BACK TO KNITTING!!:woohoo:

Don’t forget to post pictures…we want to see:knitting: