Cdd catastrophe...HELP!

I miscounted stitches while working a cdd, and when I tried to fix it, I dropped several. Can’t figure out how to fix. Can anyone suggest a miracle web site or video to help me rescue my project? This is a cowl in a chevron pattern, knit in the round, with about 9 cdd every other row.

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I haven’t tried this but it looks like a very neat way to fix mistakes. At least everything is sitting out in front of you.

I have used a method similar to this, using dpns, to fix mistakes. It’s rather painstaking but it’ll work. Sometimes I wonder however , if it wouldn’t have been easier to take out all the rows and re-knit. That’s up to you.

Thank you so much…I’ll try to figure it out but right now I’d rather have my teeth pulled!

What is CDD?

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Centered double decrease.

Good question!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Center double decrease

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Thank you xx