CD arrived!

Hello Everyone,

I live in Plymouth, Indiana and I am 62 years old. I have crocheted for over 40 years and am attempting to learn how to knit but since I am used to holding my yarn in my left hand to crochet, I wanted to learn the continental method. I could not load the videos on site so I ordered the cd…it is fantastic! I highly recommend it to all.

Take care,

Welcome Arlene!! Amy’s CD IS fabulous. If you need any additional help, please come back to the forums! :slight_smile:

Hi Arlene! I’m always happy to see a fellow Hoosier on the KH forum. I used to live in Ft Wayne, but am now in Indianapolis. Hope you visit KH again soon! :waving:

Welcome Arlene! I’m glad you decided to come over to the :XX: side of the table!

:waving: Hey Arlene, Welcome to the forum! I’ve been knitting for a bit over a year and have been a member of this forum since this April; but I NEVER even looked at one of Amy’s help videos until a very dear friend gave me a cd…always came here to chat!!
WELL…I agree with you…it is AMAZING!! I am an English knitter and have learned Continental from Amy’s cd, too! I wish you loads of luck and lots of fun. And if u have any questions…there are lots of smart knitters around to help. :wink:

WELCOME!! :waving:

Im HALF Hoosier…my dad’s family lives in Lebanon, Crawfordsville and Greenwood!

Hey, I live in Greenwood!!!

GET OUT!!! Greenwood’s not big, either! My aunt was the (librarian?) at the HS there for YEARS…she just retired about a year ago. They are on Waterbrook way.

OMG Kelly, they live like 10-15 minutes away from me!!! The next time you visit them you’re gonna have to let me know!!!

Welcome Arlene–I’m so glad you got the cds! :happydance: I did too–before I got DSLs I really needed them because they loaded too slowly Now that I have DSLs I enjoy the computer more, but I’m glad to have the cds at my disposal. Amy’s wonderful at showing how to knit.
I crocheted for nearly 35 years, and I love to knit so much more. I think knitted items always come out softer than crocheted no matter what yarn is used. I’m 55–and obviously-you’re never too old to learn something new. Especially when it gives you so much pleasure. :smiley:

I usually only get down there at Christmas…but, YEAH! ABSOLUTELY!! Maybe Ill have to make a trip sooner than that.

Well, yeah you have to! And I won’t even tell you about 2 really awesome LYS nearby :happydance:

[size=2]I already searched your posts for mentions of LYS’s and checked out Sheep Street’s website, darlin. :oops: REALLY…who do ya think you’re dealin with here? :roflhard: [/size]

oh…so true :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: , so very true :wink:

:waving: :waving:

ooooh, but Kelly, darlin, I have not mentioned Mass Ave Knits, and trust me, Sheep Street’s website does not do them justice.

:shock: I think I feel violated Kelly


What? A little LYS stalking never hurt anybody! :shifty:

Actually, Sheep Street’s website is nothing FANCY, but the list of yarns they carry is QUITE impressive!

I agree, the website needs some help! But the place is just beautiful. Mass Ave Knit Shop has a much better selection (the place is huge!), but it’s always kinda chaotic when I go in there. It seems like there are a million people and just one staff person. Sheep Street is very serene, nestled in the countryside. And they have Sheep there! What more could you ask for?

Cake. I could ask for free CAKE. :wink: