Caution! Beware of husbands!

Okay, here is why my husband is so adorable and has renewed my belief that they are all little boys. I started my very first hat yesterday morning. Tonight, when I got back into it and half way through it, I decided to set it down in my basket, between us, and take a potty break. When I walked back in, he had this innocent look on his face and asked “so will you be wanting me to try this on for you at some point?” BUT, I knew something was up because he had this look of “I swear I didn’t do it” on his face. I looked down and found my hat with 3 stitches off the needle and the 4th one unravling down into a ladder. I screached, grabbed it and nearly cried.

So I said “well hell, Patrick… did you try it on already?” and he gets this look that I KNOW his mommy has seen plenty of times before, and says “what happened? what did you do?” I could have bopped him over the head if I hadn’t felt the urge to go procreate with him at that moment. :roflhard: I have to have a son by this man, so I can say “you look just like your father when you make that face!”

Anyway, I busted out my trusty crochet needle and fixed the dropped stitch without having to frog it, thankfully. God love men… what would we do without em. I mean, could you be mad at this face? :inlove:

:rollseyes: looks innocent enought to me…lol

I think it’s kind of cute that he wanted to try the hat on!

Wow, you’re a LOT nicer than I am!!! There woulda been NO procreatin in no way no how no time no place EVAHH if my DH did that! (picture claire huxtable waving her finger at cliff). I would have told him to go “procreate” himself!

glad that you fixed it without crying… i would have cried!

It was the look. You had to see the look. I’ve seen all his baby and childhood pictures and this was the very SAME look as all the mischievous “oops I’m in trouble” pictures, his mom showed me. :roflhard:

I’ve always wanted to have a little boy. I just think I would adore all the little “hi mommy, here’s a frog” moments we would have. I had a girl and loved all the “hi mommy, don’t I look pretty in your make-up and new dress” moments. I’m just a sentimental old fool, I guess :blush:

man… the FACE!!! :roflhard:

I love moments like that. :smiley:

I can barely get my dh to look at what I’m knitting. I will show him and ask what he thinks.

His answer: umhum.

Don’t ja just love men! :lol:

what’s funny to me in this is you KNOW he sat there for a minute trying to figure out how to fix it so that you wouldn’t even know it happened…lol


Your DH looks SO much like MY DH! And, yes…I know the LOOK. :rollseyes:

Al always notices how much “progress” Ive made on whatever Im knitting. That makes me happy.

OMG! I thought he looked like someone i knew, but it was KK’s DH! Wierd!!!
Ya’ll are lucky that your husband’s p[ay attention to your knitting. The only thing mine seems to nice is when i buy yarn “oh good, you spent a thousand dollars on more string” :rollseyes: He did say he liked my WOTA bag though. AND just when i was mad at him for something, he says to me yesterday “well, you can have all the money we made at the garage sale” I was like WOW really??? :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: “yeah you can go buy some moreyarn or whatever” “ooo yay i love you honey!!” then he dropped the bomb “yeah i feel kinda bad for spending TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS on blah blah ebay blah blah video blah blah paypal blah blah” (i stopped listening) Sheesh!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Here’s my DH…Isnt he cute and SPARKLY??

:shock: oh man… Kelly, he’s got the baby face thing going on too! I swear mine uses that to his advantage. They even share the same chrome dome. :roflhard: I like it though, because I can kiss the top of his head. :blush:

And Hildie, I’ve made out like a bandit from all his Star Wars action figure shopping sprees. God I LOVE nerds! :roflhard:

I TOLD ya! :lol:

I LOVE balding men! :heart: :heart: :heart: