Cat sweater pattern help

I’d like to make a pattern of this sweater right here

but I don’t know how to make knitting patterns yet. Can someone help me?

You could start by finding a pattern for an argyle sweater with a chart. Overlay the drawing of the cats on the argyle chart and work from there.

That sounds a lot more simple than what I was going to attempt, thank you

Though proving just the same amount of difficult now, actually

This would be a very complicated pattern. It’s got a combination of argyle and cats both of which are pretty detailed. I don’t know of of a pattern like that.

Yeah it looks obviously difficult, once I finally figure it out I’ll probably mess up a lot but it’s something I really want ^^;

I think that once you have it charted out, it’ll just be a matter of paying attention to the chart. A wrong stitch here and there for the cats won’t matter but the argyle should be more precise. The pattern will mostly be intarsia with small areas of fair isle, definitely do-able.

Gladly I have a fair idea of what I’m going to do, I’ll set out to it tomorrow

When I read the title of this thread, I thought you were making a cat coat similar to a dog coat, and frankly, I can’t imagine any cat on Earth wearing such a thing!

Obviously, my thinking was off, but I’m willing to bet that once made, this sweater will get much more wear from a person than a cat sweater/coat would get from a cat!

Good luck with your adventure!