Cat repelent?

Is there anything known to keep cats out of your yard? I guess short of standing out there and spraying them w/ a hose? Last night I got woken up 3 times by John barking at cats outside :-x

I swear there are about 5 cats for ever person in this town and the all live in the abandoned house across the street. And to top it off, the old guy across the street feeds them!!! :wall:

I know that human hair around your garden will deter rabbits but it doesn’t work for those cats. Any ideas?

I believe you can get repellents at any pet store. I know for sure Petco sells them, I’ve often joked with hubby that we should spray our entire house with them :teehee:

Maybe bring John in at night? Then he couldn’t bark, and you could sleep. If the cats are strays, set humane traps with wet cat food and take them to the humane society.

Not sure if you can get these items over in the states…

  1. Olbas oil - used for when you have colds/blocked noses etc. Put a couple of drops on a used tea bag - keeps the cats away and is environmentally friendly/biodegradeable etc.

(ETA - then place tea bags at regular intervals around the perimiter of garden… under plants, in bushes, in the tops of hedges etc).

  1. not so sure about the environmentally friendliness of this one, but a friend of mine used to spray Jeyes Fluid around the perimiter of her garden to keep the cats out. Smells a bit worse than the olbas oil, and it ‘can’ stain pavements/patios i think.

Good luck with the cat battle!


Check with a local farm store if you have one or a co-op, but I do think there is something along the lines of wolf pee that you can buy that is a natural deterant for cats. I have not really looked into it - a patient told me she was using it to keep cats from digging in her garden. Fot what its worth I feel your pain. Our dogs are inside and we live in the country so ferrell cats abound and stalk my bird feeders. The dogs are inside and yet they can smell, see, and hear the cats which sets them off.

Moth balls work. They hate the smell of them!

Debkcs, John is inside, sleeps right next to me. But he hears them outside somehow and just goes nuts. If it was an intruder I’d be happy for the alert but no, I look out onto the front porch and they are, just hanging out. Why my place? I never feed the damn things.

The neighbor’s cat used my garage door entry as his litter box so I sprayed the area with 1 pint of ammonia diluted in 1 gallon of water and he never came back again…:blooby:

If possible get one of those motion activated sprinklers that they use to chase away birds from crops Nuisance kitty walks into your yard, trips the sensor then PSSST, PSSST, PSSST, nuisance kitty gets a free bath. Make sure you disengage prior to hubby or you leaving for work. :teehee: The above site has some other options too.

I had looked into those but didn’t want to spend the money. I think maybe some nice night I’m just going to sit out there with the hose and see what happens :wink:

You’re going to have to hide then because believe me and I say this as a cat owner (indoor) if the cats realize it’s you soaking them they’ll just wait until you leave then come over and lounge on your porch, they’re sneaky like that. The element of surprise is best, don’t let 'em know where it’s coming from. A Supersoaker from an open window would be best. Dress in black, wear a ski mask and don’t be seen, if they’ve figured out it’s you you’ll know it because you’ll here kitty laughter as they run away and they’ll come back later and pee all over your porch. :roflhard:

Or I’ll here the doorbell and have a flaming bag of cat poo on my porch? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think moth balls are supposed to work. One of my cousins out them in their gardens when they lived in the city. They always had a lot of strays around their yard.

Aside from repelling them, does the humane society know about them? Or is there a feral cat organization? If lots of cats are living in an abandoned house maybe something could be done about it. Maybe they could be caught and those that needed it fixed. Some might have diseases which aren’t good for any regular pet cats in the neighborhood to be exposed to. Why don’t you look into giving someone a call? It’s nice of the old guy to feed them, but in the long run doesn’t serve them well if they need vet care and need to be spayed and neutered. Maybe good homes could be found for some.

I think you can consider Cat patios. If it is better tell me

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I have never heard of cat patios, but neither am I a cat person. I have a dog.

See you around the forum.

For the definition of cat patios. Cat patios, often known as “catios,” are designed to contain cats while allowing them to roam outside freely. It is basically a giant cage outside where cats can enjoy the sun, grass, soil, and the overall nature.