Cat loves angora yarn!

My cat loves to be involved in everything I do! even going into the bathroom and watch me…So as far as knitting she only likes the yarn I am knitting with and the needles amaze her, the tinkering of metal needles together excites her. So I have solved the problem of her playing with my yarn. I put the yarn I am knitting with in a plastic baggie to keep her away from it…just a handy hint also to keep the yarn in one place and keep it clean.

Once in a while as I knit, I will come across a soggy spot in the yarn!!! One or other of the cats has been helping! They like the strand as it goes up from my knitting bag to where my hands are. Cats are so funny! samm

My boyfriend’s cat nibbles on my yarn when I am not looking, and my cats love to lay on everything I make. Whether it’s sewn, knit or crochet. Cats are so silly!

My two eleven-year-old cats usually ignore my knitting, but recently they discovered alpaca. You would have thought I was knitting with catnip!

This is a message from KnitClickChick’s 4 felines. Those needles sure are fascinating! And wow, isn’t that yarn fun to play with!? We are so happy she got these new toys for us, those mice were starting to get boring!

i was mildly amused to find a damp spot in my yarn, until one cat or another (i’ll figure it out someday) chewed completely through my lovely wool attached to my first ever sock! boy was i hot! :!!!: i did figure out how to felt the strands back together with help from twig. (is she here?) thanks twig! :heart:

so from now on, my knitting gets put away post haste to cats can’t linger and nibble. grrrrrr