Cat Litter - Wow. What. A. Deal

Someone might wonder just how many conversations one can have about cat litter, but here goes another!

We use Tidy Cat litter (still haven’t switched to the biodegradable kind), and yesterday while in Home Depot (of all places), we find they are no longer going to carry pet products, and they have the 27# containers marked down to $5.00 each. That’s about 50% off regular price. Well, being that we have 9 cats and will definitely use cat litter, we bought all they had - 15 containers!

With a little over 400 lbs. of cat litter in the back, the little Jetta wagon looked like a low-rider on the trip home!

Just thought it might be worth a mention if someone out there is looking for a deal! They also had dog food and other items marked down.

Happy shopping!

I just envisioned my car with 400# of cat litter, I might be a low-rider too!

:roflhard: Mulder!

Of course, we were in the Jetta and not the F-150 pickup!!

Our HDs have never had pet products, what gives? :shrug: I’d love to find a deal like that. You guys must have been a test market or something.

Aww, I’m sorry Stitchwitch, I was hoping some others here could take advantage of a big sale!

The funny thing is, I have never bought pet products there before. I guess that’s why they will no longer be carrying them!

This is just good Karma coming to me because I NEVER find good deals on yarn!:slight_smile:

How lucky! I don’t think my HD has pet supplies either…too bad.

Awww… I guess only in Alabama did they think we would be saying “let’s see, I need a pipe wrench, a small torch, copper tubing and cat litter” :slight_smile:

I didn’t even know HD had pet supplies! Will have to get over there and look…

Nine cats? Good grief I would be in the hospital! I have one fat tabby who I am totally allergic to, but can’t get rid of. He was abandoned as a tiny kitten out in a wilderness area where my husband’s plant is located and he wandered up to the back door. No one would take him so we took him because the rescue places wanted $250 to take him. My allergies drive me nuts when he sits in my lap or especially when I pet him or brush him out (my arms break out in hives) but I wouldn’t give him up for anything.

My dh is retired military and so I shop at a commissary and get a great deal on the huge containers of litter, plus don’t pay sales tax, but thanks for the tip.

Bless your heart for loving your kitty, even through your allergies!!

We’ve got 8; will be checking out Home Depot for cat litter ASAP!! :rofl: Thank you!

Misha! I hope you find it!! I guess you know you’ve got too many kitties when you start stockpiling cat litter!! :lol:

But really, we love each one as if we only had one!

I actually went and looked just to make sure there wasn’t some obscure area of HD that I had somehow missed in the ten trips a week we make there. Nope, no pet supply section. :hmm:

Oh! So sorry!! We might have been a test market or something - it was in the newer store in our area.

I can relate to that 10 trips a week thingy - we are actually going there after work today!