Cat Litter Disposal

Ok, you would think with 9 cats in the house, I would be an expert at all things cat related. However, I’m ready to make a change and am just not sure what to do. We use Tidy Cat Clumping Litter and have a huge litter box that all the cats use (it is actually a dog house). We scoop it twice a day and everyone is happy with the current situation. Odor hasn’t been a problem (unless we have a particularly long day away from home, then, when you get in, you know it’s a house with cats!) - actually most people comment that they would never know there is a cat in the house. I think because they know we have cats they think it will stink!

The issue is that we use plastic grocery bags to scoop the litter into, then those are tied up tight and transferred to a designated can outside. On garbage day, that can is emptied into the big can - the system works, however, I would like to be more green and stop using the plastic bags. Because we have a lot of land, and the waste is biodegradeable, I wondered if we could dig a small hole and start using paper bags that we would then dump into the hole to eventually “compost” (for lack of a better word)…is there a down side to this? Does anyone have a better solution? Would “dumping” this stuff back into the earth be a no-no?:fingerwag:

Any great ideas?

I don’t know the answer, but I’ve been thinking about it, too. I was thinking of getting some biodegradable “plastic” bags to use anyway and thought I’d see how the work with litter. Then they can go the normal way, but the bags would break down. We have a small yard so composting is out of the question.

Jan, that does seem like an option - thanks for the link - I didn’t know there was such a thing. Of course, I’m a bit of a cheapie, so the price is a little off-putting…but it’s good to know of an option. You know they say, it’s not easy being green…or cheap!! :teehee:

I know you can’t compost poo in a composter or shouldn’t because of the bacteria situation. I don’t why the hole dumping thing wouldn’t work though. Cows poop all over so I don’t think it would be an environmental thing unless your well or something is right next to the poo hole. If so, quit dumping in there when your water turns brown. :roflhard:

Ugh!!:roflhard: Thankfully we are on a city water system :slight_smile:

Or simply whip it over the fence into your neighbor’s yard. :roflhard:

I actually had a neighbor do that at my last house. She’d whip her dog poo over my fence into my yard.

Oh, that is awful!!! :noway: I’m glad I don’t have neighbors!! Well, not close by, anyway!

My pick:

Teach the cats to use the potty! :teehee:

I am teaching mine now and he’s doing pretty good. I haven’t scooped a box in months!

Pic of my cat on the potty…

OMG! That is too cute! My cat is 16+ so no teaching her now. I imagine that is a lot easier if you start when they are kittens, no? Your kitty looks like he/she is leaning on the cabinet? I hope he doesn’t fall in!

No, he’s not leaning on the cabinet, it’s just the angle the picture was taken from. (He’s 3 yrs old… but is a 20lb cat! He’s HUGE!)

Here you can get samples:

Have you thought about flushable litter? this might only be an option if the box is in/very close to the bathroom. XH and I did it with the upstairs box and it worked great… and we REALLY kept it clean, because it was easy to take care of; we’d do our business, and flush away the cats’ business as well.

I would LOVE to teach my cats to use the potty, but I hate the idea of leaving the lid up all the time.

What kind do you use, Hildie? I don’t think our toilets would like it… they are the new low flow or whatever they are called and they get clogged pretty easy as it is.

Many if not most of the litters available are clay based which hardens when it comes in contact with liquid. I fear it could build up… :think:

It is not biodegradable but I use Tidy Cat Crystals for my little kitten. The crystals soak up the urine (but they stay hard, do not get squishy) and the only stuff that gets removed is the actual poop with a few crystals stuck to it. And one bag for one cat lasts a month. Might be worth a try?:think:

we used to use that tidy cat crystals stuff and it worked really well. until my cat got too fat and his feet got too sensitive. the chunks are large and i don’t think he liked it. he started pooping on the floor next to the litter box. ugh.

I don’t have much help for you. When I was a kid, we used to just take the litter out and dump it in the field. I don’t think the plants liked it very much though. I don’t quite remember, but i don’t think much grew around where we dumped it.

A couple of years ago I switched to Feline Pine and really liked it! Tucker didn’t complain either. Have you seen that brand. It’s like little wood chip pellets that you can scoop the solids out and you can actually ‘compost’ the rest.
No odor, light weight. Highly recommend it.


We used this stuff called swheat scoop; it looks like steel cut oatmeal. NOT good for sensitive paws, but we never had any problems with the septic system. I don’t know how it would do in those low-flow toilets though

You could just get this. :thud: