Cat Butt Pattern in Knitting

A friend of mine asked me to make this crochet “Cat Butt Potholder”. However I don’t know how to crochet.

But, i do know how to knit. Does anyone know how to make a knit pattern from this? Or is there a knitted pattern version?

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ETA I missed that it’s a potholder. That would be even simpler to do.

Do you know how to knit a circle? If you can do that and do some tubes for legs and tail you can just wing it. I think I should make one for my granddaughter. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I bet there are circle pillow patterns for knitting. That would be a good start. Further help might be found in knitted toy patterns.


Here is the crochet pattern.

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Thank you. But as I mentioned I don’t know how to crochet but am looking for a knitting version.
Thank you anyway.

Thank you Grumpy Gramma! You always come to my rescue.
That was my thought; knit a circle and 2 triangles and 2 strips for the feet and a long tail. I think that’s what I will do.
Thanks again for your help!


Woohoo! I helped someone. You’re most welcome. I have to make some cat butts for my granddaughter. I think I’ll make small stuffies so she and her boyfriend can throw them at each other. :laughing:

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Thanks. I am a hooker…I mean I do crochet…so I’ll have to take a look at the pattern.


I started my yarn crafting with crochet. And like @GrumpyGramma, I believe this pattern could be done in knit.

I have adapted crochet potholder patterns into knit patterns before, but this one doesn’t appeal to me. I am a dog person, really. :pensive:

I will point out that crochet makes a thicker, stiffer fabric than the simple knit stockinette pattern. Garter stitch would be a good start. You may need an even thicker stitch pattern or thicker, heat safe yarn.

Q: Can double knit or brioche be done in a flat spiral?

Knit doilies may provide an answer on how to start out a knit cat butt pot holder.


Maybe starting out with a circle would be a beginning.

Then you could play around with the ears and tail.


Two knit circles joined together at the edges should be thick enough to provide some protection and the end of tail and legs could be sandwiched in between. The pink middle could be used to join the layers also. I detest round potholders so for me something like that would be more decorative than useful, or could be useful under a dish hot from the microwave. I guess because I looked at it and thought, that’s a circle with pieces attached, I expected everyone else would see the same. I’d start and make it up as I go. Most of my knitting is done that way, stealing…I mean borrowing…ideas and techniques from patterns to add to the basic sweater. Long, long ago before I started knitting I stumbled across a blog that explained how to knit a top down sweater without a pattern and make it fit. The same method works in knitting so I knit sweaters top down without a pattern and make them fit. I’m not a normal knitter or crocheter, obviously.

eta Q: Can double knit or brioche be done in a flat spiral? A: Probably. Do I want to spend time working it out? Nope. :wink: Actually I have done increases in stranded and figure the same principles might apply to double knit. Brioche looks cool, I enjoyed trying it, I never got the hang of not screwing it up so for now brioche is a non-starter. I do know there are tutorials for increasing in brioche so I’m going with, sure it could be done but my padded cell reservation can wait. :crazy_face:


@PJGirl, please excuse me, I should have been more verbose in my post.

I posted the link to the free pattern for any reader who wished to help or give advice with converting a pattern from crochet to knit.

I wish you success. :slightly_smiling_face:


LOL! Oh dear, haha!

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Thank you. I will try doing double knit. As for Brioche, no I’ve never tried that.

I think they will be more of a decoration that for use. But, I do like your idea of making two circles to add the tail in between the layers. I’m also going to add 2 triangles for ears to make it look more like a cat.
I am a very basic knitter; learn as I go. I don’t want to make it too complicated. So, I think our previous discussion of making the circle to start with. I think this will work.
If I accomplish it I will share photos.
That sounds interesting Top Down sweater. I’ll have to check that out.
Thanks again for your help Gramma!

Cool, yes this is a good idea! Thank you!

Thank you

Haha! My mother in law also called herself a hooker, but it was for hooking wool rugs. Cute! You are a funny one!

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I sewed long before I crocheted and crocheted long before I started knitting. The idea of sandwiching the ends of the appendages between layers comes from sewing. I expect there are knitting and crochet patterns that use this technique. I’m all for the easiest way to accomplish the desired result. In this case I would lay one circle down, position the appendages and pin them in place and lay the second circle over the first. I would then join the outer edges. To me this is more of a gag gift than anything else and I’d not put weeks of effort into it when down and dirty, fast and easy will do the trick.

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:rofl: Yeah that would qualify too.


Ok. Another question; how would I knit the tail so that it is curved?