CastOn with circular needles?

:?? [color=darkblue][/color] Ifollowed instructions in Continental Double CastOn video, but I am using circular needle, and the video shows technique for putting the work onto the Right needle. This worked, but it put a purl stitches on Right needle. I am trying to cast on 24 stitches only and want to knit an all knit non-round piece. So, when I turn the work around, I have to knit into the purl stitches, and when I turn again at end of row, I am again knitting into all purl stitches.

I “think” there would be no problem if I could cast on to the Left needle, but I am dreadfully munged and lost. Any help appreciated.

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The reverse side of every knit stitch is a purl, regardless of working with circular or straight needles. So everytime you complete a whole row of knit stitches and turn your work around, you have a whole row of purl stitches there. So technically yes, you will be knitting into purls the whole time. This produces what’s called garter stitch – knitting every stitch of every row.

Yes … I think. But are not things different if I am knitting truly circularly or making row after row in a strip (like small wall hanging)?

Would it be better if I cast on with a different method that put the first row of stitches on the LEFT needle (whether or not I was knitting in round or as a strip)?

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It doesn’t matter which cast on you use. If you like, you can use a knitted or cable cast on, which puts the stitches on the left needle. Casting on on circulars is the same as straight needles. Just think of them as short straight ones connected by a cord. But you can either knit in the round, like a tube, or flat, like a strip.

If you were to join the CO stitches and knit in the round, round after round, the purl bumps would all be to the inside. If you knit flat, you need to knit 1 row, purl one row, just like on straight needles.

Not sure what you’re trying to acheive, though…