Casting on

What is the best method of casting on for ribbing on a skull cap that will come back to its original shape and not stretch out after wear…thanks a bunch!

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I think long tail (double) cast on works fine for most applications.

That said, I really like tubular cast on for single rib. (Sorry but I can’t find a good online tutorial for the way I do it – most of them show a method using waste yarn, which frankly, looks like a big pain. See Montse Stanley’s Knitter’s Handbook for good instructions on how to do it using your right needle and left hand.) For double rib, my favorite right now is the long tail cast on, but alternating knit and purl versions to match the rib. (A similar thing can be done with cable cast on, alternating knit and purl.)

there are lots of cast ons, (i know 30 or so)

some are stretchier than others.

i personally love a tubular cast on and 1 X 1 ribbing…

why not try the twisted german cast on? is a variation of long tail, its not too hard to learn, its much stretchier than standard long tail and it has good recovery (it doesn’t stay stretched out looking)

here is alink to one tutorial, if these directions don’t work for you, google 'twisted german cast on" or “norwegian cast on” (another name for same cast on!) and find directions that work for you.

Out of curiousity, what do you use for double rib, both for cast on and bind off? I don’t like the slanted look of tubular so (as I stated above), I’ve been using alternating knit and purl long-tail, and decrease bind off (alternating knit and purl again).

since i love 1 X 1 ribbing, tubular is my second most used cast on.

but i do sometimes do a 2 X 2 or other rib patterns, and then, like you, i tend to do a k2, purl 2 cast on,

or else… i do a two toned braided, or a two toned german twisted, or some other fancy cast on (usually just an other variation of the Long tail)

i don’t particularly like the knit cast on, or the cable cast (but cable is good for buttonholes!)

if i am not doing a 1 X 1 rib, --i will often sub a different edge (reversed and straight stocking knit, latvian braid cast on, and a few rows/rounds of latvian braiding…

for cast off, i always cast off in ribbing, (standard cast off)

unles i am having a fit of insanity–like when i did a grafted (kitchenered) cast off on a sweater that had a knit on buttonband/back neck ribbing…

(200 stitches to graft!)

and i like lace or i cord cast off’s too.

details like these (a special cast on, a special edging for bind off) are things i enjoy, and that elevate my knitting from ho hum to WOW (or so i think!)

there is a link below to my blog, and on my blog, a link to a several albums of FO’s. feel free to check it out

Neat! I will definitely check it out. I’m glad you’ve joined KH because it sounds like you’ve got quite a wealth of knowledge to share. :stuck_out_tongue: