Casting on...with multiple colors

Hi Girlies!

i want to make a multi color hat for my son. I want to cast on 3 different colors on a #8 16 inch circular needle

How do i cast on so that the colors wont be separated …or do i join in when i knit/purl the first round after the cast on?

I hope im asking this question correctly.


You want to knit all three colors together? The same as you’d cast on with just one color, only use all three strands of yarn.


I want to cast on…with color blocks (i.e. red white and blue) I want my cast on to be red white and blue CO 30 of red, 30 or white, and 30 blue.

How do i do it?

I believe you can use the cable cast on for this. Cast on 30 in one color, then switch to the next and then the next. You’ll just have to weave in the ends, afterwards.

You won’t be able to knit this in the round, though. Your yarn will be at the wrong end of each color block after the first row. You’ll need to knit it back and forth.

Then i did do it right! well i put in in the round…your are right but i cast on correctly! lol!

Darn…I did not and darn seam…oh well…! THanks a bunch!