Casting on with DPNs

Hi all. I’ve never used DPNs but want to knit a hat which requires me to cast on 4 stitches using DPNs and put a stitch on each needle and then increase them and knit in the round. Does anyone know of a video to show me how to do this please? Or can anyone try to explain it to me?

Thanks x

Cast on all the stitches onto one needle first. The move them to the other 2 or 3 (depending on if you’re using a total of 4 or 5 needles). Check the video page here, there’s probably one there.

If I were you, for my first try at DPN’s , I would start with a hat that is knit bottom up. By the time you get to the decreases at the top you will “have it”. It is very hard to start with 4 stitches and increase, your needles get all fiddly and unorganized and increases are harder to manipulate than a knit two together. I have made several “tit bits” for breast cancer patients and they are “top down” … I still get frustrated getting those first stitches going.

I would cast on and put the sts on only 2 needles, knit with a 3rd. Then after the sts increase and there’s more size, add another needle and rearrange the sts. But at bottom up hat would be easier since you’re not experienced with using them.