Casting on with circular needles

Hey guys!

So, I have a knitting problem - when I cast on, the stitches are much smaller than they will be after I’ve knitted a few rows. This means that when casting on, for example, 112 stitches for a hat onto a 16" circular needle, it’s seemingly impossible to do a join. I use the long tail cast on.

What should I do differently in order to cast on/join right?


.Are you casting on to the needles or the cables?

The needles - I have interchangeable, KnitPro needles. They do stretch more on the cables though…

I cast on to 2 needles. Sometimes a size smaller but sometimes 2 of the same needles I’ll be knitting with.

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What size are your needles and what weight yarn are you using? You can try casting on with a larger needle size or two.

This video How to Improve Your Long-Tail Cast On has a lot of good info. She is rather chatty. The part about how to keep things looser is at about 6:00. I see no reason to use a larger needle or cast on over two needles IF you know how to do it on the needles you will be using for the project. This is worth learning as you may want to start something new and aren’t at home and only have the one set of needles with you so you can’t use a larger needle. I have tried casting on over two needles and was grateful to find out how to avoid needing to do it because it’s so awkward for me and the yarn wants to go between the tips. I can do a regular long tail cast on that is plenty stretchy and loose enough for sock tops or anything else. It just takes a bit of info on what to do and then paying attention the not choking the cast on stitches and leaving space between them.

I guess it’s just trial and error, I used knitted cast on and don’t have an issue - try keeping stitches bunched together instead of stretched and not pulling too tight when casting on.