Casting on then picking up stitches

Have just recently taken up knitting and crochet again since I now have spare time again. Am experiencing serious learning curve on one particular pattern. Working on Panda Silk Fan Shawl and have not been able to figure out how to cast on 25 stitches, pick up 25 stitches from previous motif and then knit all 50 stitches for first row (WS). When I get to the point where the picked up stitches meet the cast-on stitches, all I get is a lotta, lotta yarn loops/knots that cannot be pulled snug on the needle. I have made the first module and have attached module 3 but cannot for the life of me work instructions for beginning module 2 altho I’ve worn the yarn to thread from trying. Following are abbreviated pattern instructions:

MODULE 1: (edits in rows 10-13 made 9/28/09)
CO 50 sts using #6 needle
1 (wrong side) Knit
2 Knit
3 Purl . . . . .
MODULE 2: CO 25 sts, with right side facing, pick up and knit 25 sts along right side of module 1. Complete as for module 1.
MODULE 3: Pick up and knit 25 sts along left side of module 1. Turn and using cable cast on, CO 25 sts. Complete as for module 1.
Continue adding modules as shown in drawing below.

As I want this to be a Christmas present for my stepmom, any help understanding what I’m doing wrong beginning module 2 will be sincerely appreciated. Thanks.

Welcome to KH!
What a clever pattern and a lovely gift.
Cast on the 25 sts for mod 2 and then take the needle with the cast on sts in your right hand. The working yarn will be coming off the tip of the needle. Use that working yarn to begin picking up sts along the right edge of mod 1 (the RS of mod 1 should be facing you).
This video may help with picking up sts.

When you’ve finished picking up sts, the yarn will again be at the tip of the right hand needle, turn and you’re ready to start the WS row.

Thank you so much, it worked like a charm. I actually thought about trying to reproduce my mistake but then decided why take the chance of confusing myself again.

I did modules 2, 4 and most of 6 today so I should be able to finish this in time to mail off to Texas in early December.

And I also want to thank you for the way you framed your response. There were valuable tips for things I can and should do when posting questions in the future.

Thanks again, this is the first forum I’ve ever joined much less posted to. I expect I’m going to really enjoy this forum and website!

You are both very kind. It’s a fun forum to be part of.
Yes, we certainly do learn both big and little things from each other. It’s part of the fun of knitting and best of all, there’s always more to learn.
Even if you’re beginning, you know things we all need to hear.
We are getting so smart together!