Casting on The "Wrap Method"?

I got this great book last Christmas called “Hip Nit Hats” by Cathy Carron and it shows a cast on called Wrap Method. You cast on to double point needles and the idea is that there is no hole left in the middle of your work, its great for hats. But the cast on is difficult and takes me forever to manage, I unravel and re do it at least three times before the cast on looks some what neat. My question is, does anyone know of a method that does not leave a hole in the middle but is easier than the Wrap Method? Or a easy way to do the Wrap Method. Sheesh, I hope I explained that right. Thank you for any help:cool:

the idea is that there is no hole left in the middle of your work

Hole in the middle of??? Do you mean between the dpns? If so, you can CO all sts onto one ndl (either dpn or reg ndl if you need more length) and then divide them between the dpns.

Is this to start a bag or socks where you work in the round? There’s a couple different methods - eastern or turkish, figure 8, or magic cast ons

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I have that book [super cute hats!] and I know what she is talking about.
The “wrap method” of casting on is used for making hats in the round from the top down.
It eliminates the hole that you would get in the top between the dpns so you won’t have to close it up later.
I’ve looked at it, and although I haven’t tried to do the wrap method yet, it looks complicated and I can understand your frustration!
I’m not that experienced of a knitter (only been doing it for like 8 months, but have made several projects, including hats and other things that are more challenging), so sorry I can’t really help, but hopefully this explaination will help others help you (hope I said that right!)

Sounds kind of like the Turkish Cast On.

It’s what I used to start bottom up baby booties. It is a little tricky to start, but works great. I do it using magic loop.

Another possibility is to use the Figure 8 cast on

I find the figure 8 a little harder to do and prefer the Turkish.

I like the Turkish too. There’s a really cool one called Judy’s Magic Cast on, you can search ravelry or you tube for it. It’s a little like a long tail CO and works pretty well, though I haven’t used it much.


I’m very, very new to knitting, but have that book too! I found this post and forum because I was looking for an explanation of the wrap method - I just couldn’t get my head round the explanation for how to do it. Thank you all for the advice, especially Knitting-Guy for the blogs. I think I get it now - just need to skive off work for a bit and have a go, as I don’t like the big holes in the top of the hat I’ve made!


I use Judy’s Magic Cast On (there’s a great video for it on YouTube) and it’s fairly easy and works great.

I just watched the youtube vid for Judy’s Magic cast-on, and it’s SOOO easy!! I was trying the learn the wrap method, didn’t work. Thank you!! I’ll be using this from now on!

I also used Judy’s magic cast on though using the photo instructions. I wanted to make toe up socks and most of the cast ons looked like more effort than I wanted to do. It’s tough on size 1 dpns with sock yarn, but once you get a few rows on it’s great.