Casting on stitches in the middle of a pattern

Hello there :slight_smile:

I’m working on these Bella’s Mittens and in row 56 (the last row of the gussets) it says:
[I]k2, M1, k12, place all stitches between markers on holder, cast on 2 stitches, k2, p1, k12, p1[/I]

The thing I’m struggling with is the cast on 2 stitches…
How does one do that right in the middle of a row of stitches?

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Well hi, Karen! Welcome back!

Try using the backward loop increase. It’s in the video section.

thanks for the quick reply Jan! And you didn’t even need a link to the pattern I’m talking about (I just added it because I forgot to in my original post, sorry :oops:)

I’ll give it a try tonight :slight_smile:

Adding stitches in the middle of the pattern is pretty common with mittens. That’s why I didn’t need a link to see it this time. :wink:

one last question: what does the word “cinch” mean?

it is used like this: [I]“break your thread and thread it through the remaining live stitches. Cinch and tie off”[/I]

Pull it tight to close the hole. :slight_smile:

that I can do! :thumbsup:

It would be like a drawstring that ‘cinches’ a bag closed. And for a mitten top, you do the same thing.