Casting may ways...which one?

There are several different ways to Cast on…so how do you determine which one to use?

I’m making a scarf.

I used the Double Cast on for the hats I’m currently working on.

i use double cast on for just about anything. the only time i haven’t is when i needed provisional.

What is provisional used for?


I do the same as Brendajos. Provisional is when you need to keep live stitches available for a border or to bind off both ends to look the same.

Same here, i use long tail & provisional. But, since I’ve just seen the gazillion cast ons that are on this dvd (A Knitting Glossary by Elizabeth Zimmermann) I will be experimenting with different cast ons & bind offs :thumbsup:
But…I bet my faves will remain the same :wink:

Thanks everyone!!!