Casting on problem?

I am casting on a lace weight (2) yarn onto circular needles. that part is fine, but when I knit my first round I get a long length of yarn between the needles. The more I knit the longer it gets and ultimately gets tangled up. I’ve tried different cast on methods and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’ve had this problem on straight needles before but not to this extreme. Any suggestions? I’m not sure this is a casting on problem, but I can’t seem to fix it. :help:

Where is the length of yarn appearing, is it between the begining and end of the round or between stitches?

are you knitting in the round or flat?

It could be that the gauge is a little off, i.e. the needles are too big for the yarn you are using so are producing long stitches. IT could also be a problem of having to few stitches for the length of circular needle you are using, causing them to be all stretched out. What pattern are you working from and how was it cast on?

which cast on methods have you used? sounds like a problem that often happens with the backward loop cast on, which I never use for just that reason/problem. Have you tried a knitted or cable cast on? I use those most times and don’t have that problem.

This usually happens with a single cast on whether it’s circulars, dpns or straight needles. My advice is to use the long tail cast on for which videos are available in the KH directives. Otherwise, Google “Long tail cast on” and you’ll find several places on the web.

the simple cast on is great for lace… that ‘loose’ (almost sloppiness) is going to give your lace lots of stretch (when you block it.

I WOULD NOT use Long tail for lace…

you could try other cast ons–(if you are really unhappy with the simple cast on.

a crochet cast on using an extra large crochet hook would work…(ie if you needle is size 5, use a size 7 or 8 hook)

[I]NOT a provisional crochet[/I], but crochet right onto the needle cast on
–see [U][B]The Knit Stitch[/B][/U] (by Sally Mellville) or thisYouTube

I use LT co for lace and it’s fine, but you have to do it loosely. Even for lace I dislike the loop CO; fine for a few sts, but ugly for a whole start of something.
A loose cable CO can be good too, or knitted.

Try using the Knit On cast on. I have no troubles with this cast on. You can view how to do it in the videos up at the top of the page.

Thank you everyone! The long tail ended up working. Unfortunately, I ended up with some frustration with the yarn and ripped the pattern out about 1/3 of the way in, but I learned something so I guess it’s not all bad!!! If nothing else, a lesson in patience.