Casting on problem

I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but when I cast on I have so much left when I get the first row done. The more stitches the longer the tail gets. It drives me crazy.

Also, I have to make a slip knot in order to cast on. I don’t count that as one of my stitches and when I get to the end I pull that one out. I know this is incorrect, but I can’t seem to make the stitches stay on without it.

Can anyone help?

Hello Debbyd,

Do you know the name of the cast on method you do?

Why do you pull out the slip knot?

I use the knit cast on as I like the looks of it (not at the time
but after a few rows of knitting, it looks neat, clean to me).

With the knit on method, the tail is as long or as short
as you make it at the time of the slip knot.

If you are interested in the knit on cast on, go to
and page down to that video.

I realize I did not answer your question. I would if I could.
Keep your spirits up, you’ll get it eventually.

:shrug: I don’t know the method. My mother taught me this when I was quite young. When I started knitting again, now years later, this is the only method I know how to use.

I slip a knot on and then cast on the number of stitches I need. When I have knitted the first row, I then pull out the slip stitch.

I have ordered the videos as my internet is dial up and it takes forever to download a video. When I get these, I hope to do a lot better.

Thanks so much :hug: for the inspiration and encouragement.


Hi there! I am a middle-beginner you could say, and casting on is one of my strong points. Amy’s videos on this site help sooo much! :muah: Go to the basics section and go to the cast-on and you can find lots of different ways to cast on. I ALWAYS use the long tail caston unless my pattern that I am following says to use a specific one! I really hope you get the hang of it instead of getting frustrated and stopping knitting! Best of luck and best wishes to you! :happydance: :happydance: Hope this helps. Send me a private message and let me know whats up with it! Take care!!!

okay well definitely keep the slip knot and count it as a stitch. i haven’t noticed any difference between that and not using a slip knot so just keep it and that’s one less stitch you have to do! :thumbsup:

have you watched Amy’s video on casting on? i am having trouble visualizing what is happening for you so i don’t have any other suggestions than that really.

oh well look at all the people who responded while i was distracted by the phone! :teehee: sorry to seem like a repeater! :wink:

btw…when you do get the videos, check out the one that is a demo of a small project. it is definitely too big for dialup but is an EXCELLENT video! it was my favorite discovery on this site (well besides the forum!) because she gives some really good tips that i never would have thought of when i first started!

I expect I will get the videos by the weekend. I ordered them Monday. I can’t wait.

I consider myself a brandnew knitter as I was probably taught all the wrong things. My mom is relearning with me. She tried to learn with books and she will even tell you that she has been knitting wrong. BUT…her work is beautiful anyway.

I have done 3 projects and have one under way. So I don’t want to get to far ahead doing it the wrong way. I am downloading casting on as we speak. No since waiting for all of them. But the big one would just take forever.

I have found a new love in knitting. I like seeing something happen with my work.

Thanks for everyones encouragement and especially thanks to Amy for all her hard work and everyone that makes this site possible.

Debbyd :hug: :hug: :hug:

The slip knot is totally optional. Some people think it looks better with, some without. If you are using a long-tail cast on, one way to estimate how much yarn to allow is to cast on 10 stitches, unravel, and measure the amount of yarn needed to do those stitches. Then just use that as a multiplier. (E.g., if you need to cast on 80, multiply your measurement by 8.) Add 6 inches for the tail to weave in later.

I don’t know why, but i NEVER thought of that!!! That’s a really good idea. i always just guess and either end up with WAY too much leftover yarn or i end up running out when i’m 3/4 of the way done.

That’s why i love this place! I’m always learning new things…