Casting on more stitches to an existing row

Hello all,

Can someone please walk me through the steps of casting on more stitches to an existing row. I’m working on circular needles and will be joining once the extra stitches are cast on. Do I cast on the needle with the working yarn or without? Please help!

You use the working yarn to cast on the extra stitches. I find the backward loop method works best. Unless you are using two colors, then you can use the long tail method with one color on each finger.

If you’re casting on at the end of the row, yI personally like long tail the best (even with just one color), because I think it provides a more finished edge. If you are casting on in the middle of a row, I use the cable cast-on (here’s a link to amy’s cast-on page) so I can match the cast on to whatever stitch I’m doing IN the row (knit or purl). HTH!

Just for future reference, the main reason I mentioned the long-tail cast on for two colors is because you need two strands. The other methods would be better for one strand so you don’t have to connect another yarn for just the added stitches.

I need to know the same thing. I am a new knitter and I need to know how to cast stitches on in the middle of the work. At the end of one row it says “Cast on 17 stiches, P3 tog, P 15-16 sts on right needle, 25 sts on left needle.” I don’t understand. It is a bunny lovey and I am making the ears but how do I do it? Which needle do the new stitches go on?

I would cast on the 17 stitches to the end of the previous row, then turn the work and purl them, then purl the 3 tog.

If this doesn’t seem to make sense with what’s in front of you, let me ask how many stitches you have on your needles all together?