Casting On More Stitches in the Middle of a Sweater

I am almost to this part, so I had better figure it out . . .

I am knitting a top down raglan sweater. When the yoke is long enough, I am to separate out the sleeves by separating them out as I knit to them on circular needles. After putting the sleeve stiches on a holder, I am suppose to cast on 5 more stitches and then continue to around to the next sleeve. How? What video to watch? Help?

I am then suppose to pick up some of them when i do the sleeves.



I’m curious to hear the answer to this too! I’ve never done a top down raglan, but am curious about them.

My knitter’s instincts picture this… (please chime in, folks, if I’m wrong! Hopefully my brain isnt’ playing tricks on me as I envision this…)

Seems like a provisional cast-on would be ideal, like the one I have on the cast-on page. You’d do this cast on, to get to the other side of the sleeve stitches you’ve put on hold. Then continue the body, and do the other side the same way, casting on to span the gap (the under-arm). From that point on, you’ll only be working the body stitches, (which will include those cast-on stitches). When you’re done, it’s time to work the sleeves. There are the stitches that were on hold, and then the cast-on stitches in the under-arm area. With a provisional cast-on, you could just undo the cast-on to expose live stitches, and you’d be all set to knit the whole arm, from that point down.

Or, instead of a provisional cast-on, you could pick up stitches along a standard cast-on. Might be better in the end, since provisional cast-on’s can be tricky, at least that one I have a video of can be. I often end up with a big loop of a first stitch, and I haven’t figured out a solution yet! Another provisional cast-on, which might be better (no video yet, sorry), is to pick up stitches in the back loop of a crochetted chain. When you’re ready to expose the stitches, just unravel the chain. That one should be quite reliable, I’d think!.. But again, I haven’t done this kind of sweater, so hopefully I’m not missing something.

Now I’m very curious… what kind of cast-on does your pattern say? I may have to do this kind of sweater next, just to try out my provisional cast-on idea, if it’s not the standard method.


The pattern really doesn’t say. I

I am really enjoying knmitting the sweater – my first. I was scared for almost a week after I did my calulations, but couldn’t visualize all of the directions in my mind.

I am about 2 inches from the point I need to separate out the sleeves. The only problems I have had is remember if it is an odd or even row (You only increase every other) and figuring out what kind of increase to do. The designer just said to pick my favorite on. Since I haven’t done anthing with an increase, I tried different ones. I landed on a bar increase.

I liked the pattern becasue I could use any yarn I wanted and then custum fit it.


After a bunch of research, I decided on using the Single Cast-On
aka Backward-Loop Cast-On.

Looking back, I probably would use something else. I found that these were hard to knit from. One loop even cam totally undone as I fumbled with it. I finally put the stiches onto a stitch holder (aka safety pin) and life was better. I do need to pick up the stiches to sleeve when I get there, but that is another day.


I had this too when I knit the hallowwig.

It asks you to cast on a bunch of stiches to connect the bangs. The pattern called for backward cast on thingy but when I went to knit them they all kinda pulled out all long and stringy so I just ripped it out and went back and did a cable cast on and my Hallowig looks fine. Gotta post some pics soon.