Casting on MC & then casting on CC

the pattern says cast on 30 MC and then 20 CC, then the next line says to work in garter stitch for 60 stiches…am I missing something? isn’t 30 +20 =50???

also… do I slip knot CC and cast on (just as I did the MC)…
and then what do I do with the tails when I am back at the MC to knit? The pattern says twirl the 2 strands together when MC meets CC on each row…can anyone explain that (won’t I be working with double strands then?)…Totally confused!!! : :cheering: HELP!!!

The picture of what you’re making should tell you which number is wrong, because obviously one of them is! :shrug:

When you go from one color to another, hold the yarn that you’re not using anymore over to the left and bring the new color up from under the old one when you start knitting with it. This will automatically twist the stitches and prevent holes.

Amy’s video on intarsia shows the method, as well.

As for the ends of the cast on, I guess you’ll have to weave them in.

thanks!! you’re a doll… it’s snowing out, so I have lots of time to figure this one out!