Casting on ivisibly from dp's

Finally got double pointed needles.
When a pattern says to invisibly cast on stitches from dp’s to straight needles, how do u do this.
I have my knitting needles dp’s on 3 needles----transferring to straights invisibly???:shrug:


It always helps us help you if you can tell us what you are making, where you are in the pattern and if it’s a free pattern post a link. If it’s not it helps if you can type out just the few lines you are having problems with.

That said… I’m not sure what you mean. Do you already have some knitting done on the DPNs? Are you going to be knitting flat now?

opps sorry about that!

I am making a hat from the crown down using dp’s until you have to cast on to the straight needles invisibly. I know I have to cast on 15 stitches than take a stitche from the dp’s but how?

I can’t imagine why you’d have to go to straight needles. :?? If you’re knitting in the round why would part of it be done flat? Is there some part of the pattern that is intarsia or some other pattern that needs to be done flat?

I think it’s a pattern someone else posted about recently. There’s only 6 sts to start, it’s kind of like an I cord, then you CO sts to start the top of the hat. And I think it is intarsia.

An invisible CO is another name for provisional CO, which is a temporary one so that you can either pick up the sts later or graft them together, so I imagine that’s what you’re going to do later on. Sometimes it helps to read through the entire pattern so you have a rough idea of where it’s going, then start it and knit step by step.

Yes. but that doesn’t come into effect until this part is done. I am the one who posted that one too. What I have done so far is, cast on the 6 sts then work in round on dp’s until 48 sts then from here is where I am suppose to cast on invisibly 15 sts. I was told to cast on the 15 to straight and then pick up stitches from the dp’s around but it doesn’t seem to go right.

But the other color doesn’t come into effect until later down the way of the hat.
This is tricky and never seen a pattern explained like this and the person who developed the hat I have been chatting with but she can’t write it like she did it.


Are you supposed to invisibly cast-on the stitches and then transfer them to several DPNs to join into the round? In that case, just cast them onto one of the DPNs and transfer them from there, you don’t need to use a straight needle.

There’s an article on pg 44 in the fall 08 Interweave Knits about invisible cast-ons and bind-offs. I dont’ know if it will be useful to you, though.

Where I am at right now is: 48 sts on dp’s suppose to transfer them to straight with an invisble cast on. I can’t figure this one out.
This is the hat circle--------then the invisible cast on from dp’s to straight.

[COLOR=“Red”]But you have to cut the yarn at this point and cast on invisably and you need to cast on the 15sts, as in the instruxs. This way you will be working flat and knitting a st from the top circle and a st from the body together to join the top to body of the hat.[/COLOR]