Casting on in the middle of a pattern?

I’m making gloves and it says:

“K6, place next 22[24,26] sts on waste yarn, CO 2, rejoin round and k to end of round”

How do I cast on in the middle of a pattern?

(I’m used to long-tail cast on if that matters)

Your best bet at this point is to use either the knitted or cable cast-on. Amy has video on both. Some people use the backward-loop, but I find it to be messier than the others.

I use e-loop. Is that the same as backward loop?

Which one looks better? Or does it matter?

If you loop it on with the yarn looking like the letter “e” than yes.

I like e-loop a lot. It’s easy and I like the look.

Yep, e loop is the same as the backward loop. For 2 sts it’s okay to use, but any more than that and you end up with a lot of loose strands, so knit or cable COs are better.

I like it but I have to say that having good pointy needles makes a difference!