Casting on in middle of row with 2 colours

I’m currently making a pair of mittens and the pattern tells me to slip off ten stitches from the middle of the row onto thread and then to cast on 1 L, 5 D, 1 L, 3 D in the place of the removed stitches. L and D are for the two separate colours. How do I do this while knitting in the round?

I usually just do a “make one” when I make mittens and I have to CO sts. I don’t do colorwork though. I’m sure you know how already, but if you don’t there is an awesome tutorial here on the site:

there are many increases but the one I use is the “M1A” listed first.

I personally like the cable cast on for casting on in the middle of knitting. It looks nice. There’s a video for that as well.