Casting on for Stranded Method?

I am attempting to learn how to use two strands of yarn at once, I believe it’s called the stranded method? It can be used for fair isle? However, I was just wondering, my pattern calls for the first 5 rows to be just one color and then start working a chart. How would I cast on the two colors without them showing? Or am I just not understanding this method at all? Sorry if this isn’t very clear…:??:whoosh:

You cast on with one strand. The second color gets introduced on the row in which you use it.

So if the second color appears on row 6, you just start it at whatever stitch the chart has that color start.

I guess that’s a duh-moment! Thanks! :woot:

If you want a 2-colour caston for this project, feel free to use it, but the second colour will be either carried up the side for the first 5 rows, or broken and then reattached on the 5th row.