Casting on different colors

I’m casting on to work a chart that has 4 different colors in the first row. Do I just cast on with one color and then add the other colors or is there a way to cast on all 4 colors at once?

The pattern will usually say something like `cast on in MC’ the main color. The when you work the first row, you will just knit the sts for each color, leaving a tail.

Ok, that’s where my question is because most of the patterns in the book do say that. I’m working this from a chart and it just says “cast on 40 stiches and work chart through row x” So do I just cast on the first color I need in the chart and then add colors like normal?

do a braided cast on

[B] 1–[/B]make a slip knot of all 4 yarns to bring them together
(this knot is not a cast on stitch, and will be undone.)

[B] 2 [/B]number the 4 yarns (in your head)1 is lightest in color, 4 is darkest

[B]3[/B]–take number 1 and 2 (leave 3 and 4 hanging) in hand.

1 goes on index finger, 2 on thumb… make 1 normal long tail cast on

[B]4–[/B]drop #1, move #2 to index, pick up yarn 3 for thumb
make 1 normal long tail cast on.

repeat, dropping #2, moving #3 to index, picking up # 4
make 1 normal long tail cast on.

Repeat, again and again, using each yarn in 1, 2, 3, 4, order.

make sure you always drop old yarn to back, and rotate thumb yarn clockwise. (the two unused yarn just hang when not being used)

the yarns (balls of yarn) will twist up dramatically (and you might have to stop half way through casting on the stitches to untangle the yarns! (if you are doing it right!)

you’ll end up with stitches on needle in a 1, 2, 3, 4 order, and will have a braided edge on the long tail cast on …
see it here, in a 3 color version… (with a few rows of braided purl stitch after the cast on.)

Thanks for the new cast on, of troy! I’ve been collecting cast ons
so I have as many options as possible and this is a new one!

Libbie :slight_smile:

here is my incomplete list of cast ons
(part 1 of 4/5 part series on cast on’s (part 5 is about bind offs)

i’ve learned 2 more long tail variations, and the magic cast on since it was posted, and i forgot one i already knew when i made the list… (i never went back and edited post.)

so my total is up to [B]40[/B]!

i still use Long tail (OR a variation of long tail) 50% of the time.

Long tail has lots of variations… (there are several variations of braided alone… the one i posted is the easiest–some are rather complex!)
braided can be done with 2 (or 3) yarns all the same color, or with up to 5 yarns in different colors. (after that, the floats get to long and can look sloppy)