Casting on different colored yarn

my grandma just got yarn for a sweater and it has, say 6 colors and lets just say 20 stitches then she changes colors. i looked up online and it tells me to just drop thread behind and start but grandmas having trouble in her mind with that method she dont understand why shes not connecting the different colored yarns. the ehow answer right or is gran right?

thanks for help yall

Do you mean it’s vertically striped or that the yarn changes colors on it’s own? If it’s vertically striped then she’ll be doing what is called instarsia. Here’s a video that shows how to cross the yarns at the back to connect the different colors.

Also… since you need to have a new skein/piece of yarn for each stripe it’s usually done with small bits of yarn wrapped in a butterfly or spool otherwise the skeins can get hopelessly tangled.

thanks, ill relay the message in the morning

to me it looked like she had a circular needle and one color/oneskein went for 12 stitches then she started with another color/skein

Is she working complete rows in the second color? Is she knitting a picture into her work? What is the name of the pattern?

Thanks y all

The pattern is

Gran thanks yall, she’s still a little confused how when casting on first row how u join colors she watched intarsia * video which helped a lot but she confused about castING that first row and connecting colors


I understand your question better after seeing the pattern. Cast on each color separately. When you work the next row you will twist the two colors when you do a color change, that will unite the two. The cast on is in the side seam.

Cute sweater! I agree with jinxedone. It doesn’t matter if they join on the cast on. That happens on the next row when you do the WS (wrong side or back of work). The video shows you how.

Cool that’s helped her alot . Thanks a lot yall, appreciate it.

grans wondering whats best way to deal with the loose ends of yarn from the butterflies, also say shes half way through a color block and she runs out of yarn does she just tie it, if so whats best knot etc

thanks alot yall

Unfortunately there will be a lot of ends. It’s the price you pay for intarsia.

When you finish a butterfly just start a new one. you can weave the ends in later. If having a hole where you ended/started bothers you tie a loose knot (square knot or similar) to hold the ends together. You can untie the ends and weave them in later or leave the knot and weave in the ends. Does this help?