Casting on circular needles, but don't join?

I am attempting to knit a garment, from the Fitted Knits book by Stefanie Japel, the two toned shrug, and this first instruction has me confused.

How does one knit on circular needles if one doesn’t join?

The first instructions say: With larger needle (the size 8 24"circular needle) and main color (of yarn), cast on 43 stitches. Do not join.

Is this magic loop knitting? Is there the alternative of knitting on straight needles? I am confused.

It sounds like it’s just using the circular needles instead of straight needles. The longer cord accommodates larger numbers of stitches better.

Once you get to the end of the row you’ll just turn the work around and hold the needle tip closest to the working yarn in your left hand, and hold the other in your right and start knitting again :slight_smile:

Maybe they mean to knit flat? I rarely use straight needles anymore, I knit flat on circs…

yup, circulars are just used for flat knitting a lot. They hold a lot of stitches, they are more ergonomic because the knitting lies in your lap easier (and doesn’t require so much motion).

I DO NOT own any straight needles (that are not horribly wrecked and beyond any use). I only knit everything on circulars and double pointed needles.

the description you already have:

cast on your stitches. work them off from the end that the cast on puts you to. turn your work and work back: you work the stitch first that you just worked last.

This is no knitting in the round because you do not join the ends.

this is not magic loop - in magic loop you basically knit something on circulars that is a lot smaller than the cord of your needles.

and the circulars are just a replacement for straight needles.

I do not know how you piece continues, but at least for now you can work on straight needles if you really want to.

Thank you for the help!! Okay, so its really knitting straight. I’ve never done that on circulars before. So turning the work is meaning that when you start the first row, you have the right side in front of you, then you flip it so the wrong side is facing you and then knit?


Yes, you start knitting the first row in the LAST stitch you cast on. Then when you get to the last stitch in the row, you drop the yarn, turn the needles around, pick up the yarn again and start the 2nd row.


Nenwing, if you have never used circulars to knit flat, you are in for a treat. It is SO much easier on your hands and wrists to have the cable hold the st rather than straight needles. :thumbsup:

Sounds like I am in for some fun! I never have used circulars as straight needles before. I am finishing my one project like a good girl before I start this one, but it should be interesting as its a whole new way of knitting for me!