Casting on at end of a row

I can’t remember how to cast on at the end of a row. I have to cast on 21 stitches. Thanks for your help.

At the end of the row all the stitches will be on the right hand needle, switch the needles in you hands so that the last stitch you knitted is the first stitch on the left needle. Either knit into that first stitch and pull the loop up and put it back on the needle holding the stitches (knitted cast on) or knit between the first and second stitches and pull the loop up and put it on the needle (cable cast on). There are videos in the cast on section about how to do these cast on’s here on this site. Run the mouse over “View Videos” above and pick “cast on”.

Like Mergold posted - end of the row is the same as the beginning of a row. Turn as if you were going to start a new row and CO the sts using the knit or cable CO and the first st at the end of the needle as if it were the slip knot. Then work over the new sts and the original ones.