Casting on at beginning of row

I’m working on a cardigan, and the instructions say to cast on 16 sts at the beginning of the row. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get this right. My yarn is at the wrong end to keep knitting the row, or there’s a piece of yarn that stretches from the first st to where I start knitting my previous row. Hope that makes sense. Any suggestions, other than breaking the yarn to proceed with a regular cast on?

Most people just use the backward loop co for mid/beginning row cast ons, but you can use knitted or cable cast ons as well.

What is this cast on for? I know you are making a cardigan, but is it going to be a sleeve? Do you have a link?

This cast on is for the cuff of the sleeve. I don’t have a picture, they only had a very basic diagram in the pattern; and a friend printed the pattern for me, so I don’t have the link. The backward loop CO is what I’ve tried. I’ll have to find how to do the other kind, and see if it works better.

For more than a few sts, a knitted CO is better, not as loose; video in the Cast On section of Basic Techniques.

when you have stitches to cast on at the beginning of a row - sometimes it is much easier to consider it as casting on at the END of the PREVIOUS ro (before you turn your work)

Depends how you’re going to CO. A knitted or cable CO has to be done at the beginning of a row. Other than that, there’s no difference between end/beginning of a row.

I didn’t ask this question, but you mean cast on at the end of the row you are working on and then turn your work? I have wondered about this also.

No, finish the row, turn and CO. If you’re doing a backwards loop CO, you don’t need to turn.

depends on how you normally cast on.

For example - I am left handed - and though I primarily knit the same as most right handed people - when I do a backwards loop cast on I use my left hand to make the stitches on the right needle. So I cast on at the end of a row before turning my work - whereas most people would turn, and then cast on because they use their right hand to form stitches on the left needle. Likewise I will frequenlty knit or cable cast-on to the right needle as well.

Kinda hard to explain in writing but I’ll give it a try…

I always cast on at the end of the row. Hold left needle over right needle, with right hand wrap yarn tail around both needles toward you once and around right needle again. Then pull the right wrap through the left wrap and onto right needle, tighten tail up to right needle… do it again for stitch #2-16. When you turn to begin the row agaiin, knit as usual but don’t pull too tight. After the 16 added stitches are knitted, you should be able to knit normally and repeat at the end of the row to cast on the other 16 stitches…

Hope this helps… Mary

My instructions say “Cast on 16 sts at beg of next 2 rows for cuffs – 264 sts”.

When I start my knitting again, I’ll try your cast on, Mary. Maybe I’ll also try the backwards loop CO at the end of the row before turning, and I’ll see which one is easier/I like better.

Okay, I just did it at the beginning and it works like that as well! Good luck!!! Mary

Mary, the CO you described in your previous post is the one that worked for me. For some reason, I just could not get the backwards loop CO to work for me. Thanks a bunch!

Can you please give me the link for this video? I can find the basic co if I’m starting a project and I can do that just fine, but I cannot figure out how to cast on 5 stitches on row 17 like this pattern calls for. I’m ready to stab myself with the needle.

It’s Under single Cast On after Backwards loop. You won’t be starting with a slip st, but using the first st on your left needle.

It’s Under single Cast On after Backwards loop. You won’t be starting with a slip st, but using the first st on your left needle.