Casting on at beginning and end of rows

:teehee: I have been doing simple knitting most of my life . I am now attempting a top down baby sweater, as my daughter is expecting her first child in December. I don’t know if when I have to cast on extra stitches at the beginning and end of the row if I have to work the stitches at the beginning after I cast them on ,and do I have to work the stitches at the end that are cast on before the next row??? HELP!!!

I have a feeling this will be told to you in the pattern. If not you may have to read ahead in the pattern while trying to visualize what it is saying. That should help you figure out what the designer wants.

Could you tell us what pattern you are using? If you have a link to it great. Remember even if you can’t put a clickable link in your post you can still copy and paste the site. That allows those of us that would like to try and help to copy and paste.

Congratulations on the new grandbaby to be. :woot:

Thanks for the congrats! It’s a vintage top down pattern, and it does not say anywhere in the patten what to do.
Here’s the address of the location of the pattern.
I contacted my sister who lives hundreds of miles away. She helped a little. She said to make the stitches at the beginning, then wor those stitches, continuing the row. At the end, I just made the stitches, and worked the row
Thanks for trying to help!

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This is one of those things that’s easier to see as you do it. When you’ve cast on the stitches, you’ll find that the working yarn is coming off the last stitch cast on, ready to work that stitch and all the newly cast on sts. The same holds true for the sts at the other end of the row.
The knit or cable cast on works well here since it gives a more stable edge although if your pattern calls for just a few sts a backward loop will work. Here’s a video for casting on if you need it.

I did just exactly that, working he stitches cast on at the end of the row, at the beginning of the next row. The pattern is vintage, so it takes a lot for granted.
Thanks for your help😀
And thanks for the congrats on our first grand baby!