Casting on additional stitches (after already knitting)

I’m a fairly new knitter starting a simple baby kimono. I’ve cast on 40 stitches, have knitted in garter stitch for 4 inches, and now the pattern says:
“Using the “thumb” or “backward loop” cast-on method, CO 3 stitches at the beginning of each of the next 16 rows.”

This is a new move for me and one that I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around. I normally use the long tail cast on method. Based on advice from this web site, I think I understand the backward loop cast on. What I don’t understand is how to add that to the rows that I already have. I’ve been experimenting by knitting a few rows and then using backward loop cast on for 3 stitches. When I finish casting on the 3 stitches, I start knitting at the beginning of the row. When I get to the 3rd stitch (the first CO stitch), however, it appears that I have 2 stitches stuck together and, thus, I can’t knit it. Any advice?

FYI: I’m using the baby kimono pattern in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne.

Thanks for your help!

If your backward loops aren’t working out, maybe you should try “knitting on” or “purling on” and see if you have better results with that. I think Amy has videos on those as well (also on the cast-on page).

Edit: there’s only a video for “knitting on”. “Purling on” would be the same thing, only the new stitches would be picked up by purling instead of knitting.

You actually have to do the backwards loop cast on at the end of the row, with the needle in your right hand. Then turn and knit/purl those stitches (which are now at the beginning of the row) and work across the row.


I think I finally figured it out. As you suggested, I did cast on at the end of the row. I was still a little thrown off by the stitches that appeared to be joined together, but finally figured out that you could pull them apart and keep going.

This is a great community to discover. I’m visiting my parents in Portland, Texas (near Corpus) and felt stranded. I discovered one knitting shop, but they are closed for the week. Thanks again!