Casting off loop



Hi there!

I’m very new to all this and am teaching myself via youtube tutorials (not sure if that’s a good or bad idea…)

I’m having trouble however with casting off. Whenever I try to I end up with a big loop. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. It seems as though the first and second stitch become linked?

Please help as I am trying to knit a baby blanket for my soon-to-be-nephew!

Thank you!


Ok. This is what you do:

When you are ready to start doing your casting off you knit the first 2 stitches.
Then using your left hand needle poke through the first stitch you knitted and loosen it, then lift it over the 2nd stitch and take it off the needle.
Then you knit another stitch so you have 2 sts on the right hand needle. Grab the first one with your left hand needle and lift it over and off the needle.
You keep doing that over and over until you have 1 st left on your right hand needle. Cut the yarn leaving about 6" for a tail and slide the last st off the needle. Poke the tail of yarn thru the last st and pull it tight.

Is this what you are doing??


Thank you so much for replying. I’m having no trouble actually casting off, but my initial slipknot that I did for my first stitch is connecting to my second stitch, and it creating a huge loop. I will attach a picture.

I’m at the moment surviving by taking the first stitch off and moving it from one needle to the next.



What cast on are you using?



A slipknot method. I’m learning from youtube videos so did as I was told!



There are many cast ons that start with a slip knot and they shouldn’t give you any problem with a long strand of yarn. I’m wondering if this is a thumb loop cast on which is not a sturdy cast on and is only suitable for a very small number of sts (3-4). It frequently gives a long strand of yarn or a large loop.
Here’s the thumb loop cast on. Is this the kind of cast on you used? Can you post a video of the cast on you used?



Thank you very much. I’ll give that a watch tomorrow and have another try–but my issue isn’t a long strand, it’s that the strand becomes a loop and it causes a big tangled mess when I try and start my next row.

This is the video I am learning from [](knitting video)



The video I posted was just an example of a cast on not to use. It’s the same one you’re following in the Wool and the Gang video. It can lead to a long strand or loop and subsequent mess.
Try using a different cast on like the knit cast on or cable cast on. They are sturdier cast ons that use the knit stitch which you already know.


You want to find a video for the long tail cast on or another type like salmonmac suggested. The one that they show in your video almost always leaves a big loop.



Hi there!

I had a lot of trouble mastering the cable cast but I did have better luck with the long tail cast. However I’m still encountering trouble with knots and with a larger than usual final knit.

I’m starting to lose hope that I can get this fixed



I’ve had some luck with the long tail cast however i still end with a large loop. Please help!!


Can you post a photo of the results with the long tail? It’s my go-to cast on and so useful.
Have you tried the long tail without a slip knot?


Here are the results, still the same problem :frowning:
Not sure how to fix



Is this longtail cast on immediately after the cast on? If so, the working yarn and the yarn tail should be coming off the same end of the needle. After the first row, the two ends will come off different ends of the needle.
This is following the VeryPink video instructions without the slip knot?