Casting off in the Round

Ya know how when you are knitting in the round, you’re essentially doing a spiral? Well, how do you get that last stitch to meet up better when casting off? I just made some fingerless gloves, and they look great, except for the last stitch of the cast off. There is a step there. I’m at work so no good photo right now, does anyone know what I mean?

I tried knitting the last stitch of the cast off into the loop of the first cast off stitch, too, but that didn’t turn out like I hoped at all.

Yep, I know exactly what you mean. I think there is a proper way to do it, but what I do is when there is one stitch left I take the needle and insert it into the “other side” where you started and pull the yarn through then through again like you do on a normal bind off and weave in. It just sort of evens the edge up.

What I do that evens it out pretty well is after I’ve bound off the last stitch, pick up a stitch in the first one that was bound off, and use that to BO one more. It tapers the edge down to the beginning of the round and it isn’t so noticeable. Sometimes I have trouble figuring out where it is if I have to take out the BO for some reason.

Im sure theres a propper method as well, but i do the same as jan.

You don’t:) . When you’re through binding off, just leave a tail of a few inches, and then pull together the last BO st and the first BO st and tack them down.

That’s pretty much what I do, but you said it better. :thumbsup:

I wasn’t sure I was very clear…

I use the tail and while weaving it in I bind that final stitch to the adjacent stitch which does a good job of lining it all up without looking bunched. That works especially well when using the sewn bind off.