Casting off in the middle of pattern

Can somone tell me the way you cast off/bind off in the middle of a pattern? And cast on in the middle of a pattern?
Thanks in advance!!

If you are binding off stitches in the middle of a ROW, you will bind them off, then continue knitting the rest of the stitches as usual. When you knit the [U]next[/U] row, you will have to use an additional ball of yarn to knit the section that comes after the bound off stitches.

To cast on stitches in the middle of a row, just use the simple thumb cast-on (backward loop).

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[I]work [/I]stitches till the point you need to cast off ([I]work=knit or purl as pattern requires.)[/I]

[B]One way [/B]
then,*knit 1 more, pass next to last worked stitch over last stitch worked (1 cast off. ) repeat as many times as needed.

finish row, on next row, cast on (using knit, cable, simple method of casting on) to bridge gap

[B]an other way.[/B] --good for handles on knit/felted bags or buttonholes–(NOTE: CAST OFF EDGE WILL BE TIGHT AND NOT VERY STRETCHY!)

work to cast off point.

drop yarn. slip next stitch onto right needle.
Pass last knit stitch over slipped stitch.

*Slip next stitch and pass slipped stitch over…
repeat as many times as needed.
(you are casting off stitches that have not been knit in this row)

when you’ve cast off as many as needed, return last stitch slipped to left needle.

Turn work–the yarn --(that you dropped!)is now in in last stitch of left hand needle.

now cast on, using Knit or cable cast on method (Cable cast on is less stretchy)
(detail–> reposition yarn to back of work by slipping last stitch off needle, and passing yarn between last and next to last stitch–then pick up last stitch!)

Cast on as many stitches as you cast off–Plus 1.

Turn work again! now, yarn is at last stitch cast on, and remained of row is on left hand needle. slip last stitch cast on to left needle, and knit it together with the slip stitch returned to left hand needle (from the casting off process) this will 'close gap and correct stitch count.

continue working (knit or purl as required by pattern) to end of row.