Casting off - but

following on from my first topic about my first foray into knitting -

I have finished the first section and have cast off everything bar the last stich. So what do you do with this last stich - cut the yarn and pass the end throught this final loop so it wont unravel ?

Plenty of places including here show you how to cast off but not how to [I]finish[/I] your casting off.



You cut the end, pull it through that last stitch, and pull it tight.

Or pull the loop longer and cut in the middle; either way you will weave the end into your knitting.

Thanks for that - was hoping it would be that simple !!

It’s really easy once you get it! Make sure it’s TIGHT! One time I was knitting a sock and I didn’t pull tight enough and it unraveled!
:cry: :frog:

Nothing to add to the advice. Just wanted to say congratulations on having reached this point in the project. you would be surprised at how many new knitters quit before ever getting to the casting off part.